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Floors Maintenance Guide

Floors Maintenance Best Guide

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Maintaining floors can sometimes be very tiring if you are not sure how to properly maintain floor in the kitchen or any other part of your home. Clean floors are key to maintaining a fresh and aesthetically pleasing space. Regardless of the type of flooring, proper maintenance will ensure a longer lifespan and keep money in your wallet! Because you won’t have to buy new floor every year.

In this guide, you will learn how to properly maintain your floor, how to preserve the longevity of your floor, and how to properly clean and solve common problems.

Preservation of floors

Preserving the longevity of floor requires a combination of regular cleaning and damage prevention. It is not enough just to buy and install the floor, after that, you have to maintain them so that they last for you.

Regular Cleaning

Floors are the easiest and most dirty part of the house. This is why regular and daily cleaning is important. Regular floor cleaning is also the first rule when we say “floor preservation”.

The method and method of cleaning depends on the type of floor you are cleaning. What is the same is daily cleaning!

It is recommended to clean wooden floor with soft brushes, in order to protect them from scratches. After that, wipe the floor with water and a floor cleaner. This step will make the vapi floor shine and bring fragrance to your rooms.

Additional tip: Avoid cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. A stiff handle from a vacuum cleaner can damage floor very easily.

Damage Prevention

Floor damage can be prevented by placing mats in front of doors, using felt pads under furniture, and avoiding walking with sharp objects on the floor. This will extend the life of the floors and keep them spotless.

Proper Floor Cleaning

Proper floor cleaning varies depending on the type of material. Here are some tips for a few commonly used flooring materials:

Wooden floors

When it comes to wooden floor, floor maintenance requires special methods. It is important to use mild detergents and products intended only for wooden floor. The most important thing is to avoid too much water so as not to ruin the floor.

With waterproof floors, you don’t have to pay attention to the amount of water.

Solving Common Problems

In addition to regular maintenance, you will face common problems that require a quick response.

Treat Stains Immediately

Stains from food, drink, or chemicals are best treated immediately. When stains remain on the surface for a long time, there is a possibility that they will be difficult to remove and wipe from the substrate. To avoid this situation and to ensure that your floor have a long life, clean the floor every time you notice food or chemical residues.

Floor maintenance in relation to the color of the floors

Bright floor

It is well known that light floors get dirty much more easily. Even the smallest stain will be visible on your floors. That is why it is important to determine which part of the day will be for cleaning the floor. If you have small children, it would be best to sweep all the floors at the end of the day, after dinner.

In the kitchen, the light floors work perfectly with the bright, white kitchen cabinets. When you determine the time to clean the floors, take the opportunity to test the surface of the kitchen cabinets as well, because they get dirty as often as the floors.

Dark floors

When it comes to dark floor and their maintenance and cleaning, it is important to note that on darker floor, dust falling on the floor during the day is much more noticeable.

In this case, it is important to clean the floor with a broom several times a day, so that the dust is not visible and the next cleaning will be much easier and faster.


Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the quality of your floors the same as the first day you installed them. By following this guide, you will ensure the longevity and flawlessness of your floors. If you still haven’t decided which floors are perfect for your home, feel free to contact us at and we will help you with your selection!

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